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Ashtanga yoga videos by Richard Freeman  With this video Richard describes the Ashtanga classical positions - a continuum of dynamic flow producing unusual precision, and specific breath techniques that go with this formulas. 

Ballet Video - beautifully produced exercise ballet video developed by Peter Martins and the New York City Ballet with the New York Sports Club. 

Bikram yoga This author is considered the yoga guru to the stars. He claims that faithfully doing his yogic routine, which consists of 26 hatha asanas (postures)

Cathy Smith Yoga Video for Beginners Cathy leads a gentle introduction to yogic postures, with plenty of adaptations for special needs. She starts with very simple postures for body awareness, proper breathing, and relaxation.

Extreme Yoga Poses These extreme yoga poses push students to raise each aspect of their practice - breathing, focus, and physical technique - to a higher level.

The Firm Exercise Videos Excellent way to shape up and gain muscle tone. This is an easy to follow video you can complete in less than one hour

Hatha yoga Learn Hatha yoga from these instruction videos and DVDs

Living Arts Yoga Rodney Yee Video  This video set is perfect for busy people who need to fit in a way to relax. On the a.m. morning tape, RodneyYee leads you through a 15-minute morning exercise set. Patricia Walden presents a 20-minute evening routine on the p.m. tape.

Prenatal Yoga video instruction for pregnancy  The tape is run like a class, so you can just put it in and go. You don't have to wait while someone explains the pose and then forms the pose.

Tai Chi Basic Forms Learn TaiChi with these easy to follow instructions.

Tantric yoga Instruction on the ancient art of Trantra yogic practices

Types of yoga See this overview of the different yoga styles

Yoga balls Perfect for exercising muscles and stretching in a safe way.

Yoga clothing attire 100% cotton clothing for exercising

Yoga DVD Yoga DVD workouts for those who want to stretch on their own schedules.

Yoga exercises books at discount prices Explains how to prepare your body for yogic practice -- including warnings about safety. 

Yoga Journal Subscription Your guide to more healthful living. Published seven times a year. Stretch your body, mind and soul with YogaJournal. Whether you are just beginning, intermediate, or advanced practitioner, you'll find plenty of useful information, aligned with your needs.

Yoga for kids childrens exercise video and book

Yoga mats wide variety of colors and sizes for safer exercising

Yoga poses Books, videos and DVDs of yoga poses photographed by users in the correct positions.

Yoga positions for beginners Cathy Smith guides you through first steps

Yoga positions Yoga positions clearly shown in the most popular DVD available by expert, Rodney Yee.

Yoga resources Other interesting sites to check out.

Yoga video at discount prices Perfect for those with busy schedules. Filmed on a beach in Maui at sunrise and at sunset in Death Valley.

Yoga wear High cotton content tops and pants give you comfort for the added flexibility and freedom of movement you need to take on that tough pose.