Yoga Positions for Beginners

Yoga positions for beginners are clearly shown in this easy to follow video by expert, Kathy Smith. She shows you a gentle intro to yogic postures and poses. You will find ways to do simple exercises even for special needs. buy now

Smith begins with simple yoga positions for beginners for increasing awareness of your body, the right way to breath, and methods to relax.

She carefully tells you how to get into each posture correctly, how to use your breath, when to change if necessary, where to concentrate, how to align your body, and what parts are getting the workout. 

Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. Adaptations are provided for both more and less flexible exercisers, allowing you modify the practice to your own experience. 

Many of the yoga positions for beginners are like traditional stretches you may already have done. The transition to more challenging postures is easy to follow.  

Several points make this video stand out from others. First, you are given plenty of time in each pose to feel the stretch. Second, during the time holding the stance, Kathy gives suggestions on correct form. I felt she thoroughly covered how ones body should be aligned while in each posture. Third, she reminds you throughout the program to take long, slow and deep breaths including when you should inhale during the movement and exhale. 

This tape is one of the most effective for yoga positions for beginners because Kathy gives you enough time and tips to achieve the proper form for each exercise. She also shows the importance of breathing to induce relaxation and supply the muscles and brain with necessary oxygen needed to increase energy. buy this video now

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