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Your guide to more healthful living. Published seven times a year. Stretch your body, mind and soul with YogaJournal. Whether you are just beginning, intermediate, or advanced practitioner, you'll find plenty of useful information, aligned with your needs, in every issue. Subscribe here

* Basics: Yoga Journal's most popular column, Basics makes yoga postures and lifestyle accessible to everyone.

* Eating Wisely: How we eat is a reflection of how we live, and for yogis, this means making thoughtful decisions about what goes on the menu.

* Home Yoga Practice: Personal Yoga Practice provides all the tools readers need to roll out their mats at home.

* Master Yoga Class: Delivers yoga instruction for the serious practitioner. Written by expert master yoga teachers.

* Media: Reviews of the latest yoga and meditation books, music, DVDs, videos, and audiotapes.

* Features: Features always look at some aspect of yoga, whether for physical, emotional, or spiritual well being. Some current examples: Creating a Yoga space at home; using yoga to release yourself from addiction.

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