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Yoga for Kids 

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Young bodies will thoroughly enjoy toning their inner and outer selves during this half-hour of easy, playful exercise. Designed for ages 3 to 10, YogaKids introduces children to the ancient art of yoga in a very modern fashion. 

Instructor Marsha Wenig teams with a group of youngsters who confidently demonstrate each pose against a backdrop of eye-popping foliage and quiet, inviting beaches. As the children repeat each of the 20 poses -- everything from the butterfly pose to the volcano pose -- Wenig gently explains the strength derived from each exercise. 

Since yoga does not require quick feet or strong arms, young viewers of all skill levels will be able to accomplish the majority of these poses on their first try. Lessons in breathing, relaxation, and balance are given equal time with the benefits of stretching and strengthening. Finally, a few nicely placed words about self-respect and respecting others make this video a well-rounded choice for any family's fitness collection.

Reviewer: Beth Hendry from New Jersey says this about the video:
"My four year old daughter loves this video. She has always been fascinated by yoga because she sees me doing it and until I saw this video I had no means to help her do it. This video is fantastic for many reasons. First, it's got lots of kids doing the poses, so that kids can really relate to them. Second, the poses are pretty simple (although some are a little more challenging). Third, the video also focuses on love and respect of nature. Finally, there are some great little songs on the video. All in all, my daughter has a great time with this video and she is so happy that she has her own yoga practice. It's great that now if she has a little leg cramp, I can tell her to do downward dog and she knows what I am talking about. She is very proud to be a "YogaKid" and I think most other children would be as well."  

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