The Firm Exercise Videos 

The Firm Exercise Videos at discount prices
The Firm Exercise Videos
Total Body - Time Crunch Workout  - Behind on your workout? You don't have to miss any more sessions with the most compact, truly effective workout possible. For fat loss, The Firm Exercise videos include an ample 24-minute aerobic phase. To compress time, hip & thigh shaping heavy 5 pound ankle weights. Fun foot changes (with no tricky dance steps) appeal to men and women. As in all FIRM videos, proven effective muscle isolations and new moves are re-combined to "schock" your body into new levels of development with "muscle confusion." Tough abdominal work, popular towel stretch and ultra-cool dance finale. Master instructor Susan Harris returns with new discovery Kai Soremekun.

Reviewer: "Have used this video on and off for years. Excellent way to shape up and gain muscle tone. This is a video you can complete in 45 - 49 minutes including warm up & cool down."

Reviewer: from Mesa, AZ United States - "I have all of The Firm exercise videos except for the Prime Power ones. They have been helping me in the past few months to take off 5 pounds permanently without dieting and I love them all. This one is particularly good if you want a full body workout in less time (45 min.). There's plenty of Step Aerobics along with lunges for the legs, and upper body weight work with abdominals to finish everything off. I would recommend The Firm exercise videos to anyone who actually wants to get into shape and have results." 
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