Cathy Smith Yoga Video

Cathy Smith Yoga Video - New Basics for Beginners 

Kathy leads a gentle introduction to yogic postures, with plenty of adaptations for special needs. She starts with very simple postures for body awareness, proper breathing, and relaxation.

The Cathy Smith yoga video explains how to do each pose correctly, how to use your breath, how to modify if necessary, where to focus your concentration, how the body should be aligned, and what parts are working. Her instructions are clear and explicit. Modifications are offered for both more and less flexible exercisers, letting you adapt the yoga practice to your own level. 

Some of the poses seem like traditional stretches you're already used to, and the Cathy Smith yoga video makes the transition to the more challenging poses easy to follow. This is a terrific starting place. (Floor poses: 22 minutes; standing poses: 22 minutes; guided relaxation: 10 minutes.)

Three aspects make this tape stand out from the others. First, you are given sufficient time in the pose to feel the stretch. Second, during the time holding the stance, Kathy gives suggestions on correct form. I felt she thoroughly covered how ones body should be aligned while in each posture. Third, she reminded throughout the video to take long, slow and deep breaths. 

Also when you should inhale during the movement and exhale. The Cathy Smith yoga video is most effective in teaching the beginning student, because Kathy gives you adequate time and tips about proper form. She also emphasizes the importance of breathing to induce relaxation and supply the muscles and brain with the necessary element for energy - oxygen.

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