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Yoga exercises and philosophy have become widely acknowledged for generating many health benefits.

In a stressful world of high tech and fast paced living, more and more people are turning to relaxation to halt the deteriorating influences of contemporary lifestyles.

Yoga practices are based on thousands of years of use. Yoga is not dogmatic, but rather a science for personal evolution. See the list of major types of yoga.

Yoga practitioners find fresh insights into their own consciousness as well as new, healthier outlooks on the world.

Everyone from students to professionals to corporate executives find their lives enriched. For demanding schedules and the need for top level fitness, this site provides tools and resources to find Yoga instruction to fit your family's needs.

If you can't find time to take yoga classes, see our selection of Yoga Videos for busy schedules.

For pregnant women and for after the baby comes, review Prenatal Yoga Instruction to learn safe stretching exercises.

Discover the most informative Yoga Exercise Books  - completely illustrated with easy to follow instructions.

Practice comfortably and safely with these portable Yoga Mats.   

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